Diamond Promotional Products is a privately owned small business.  It's founder and President, David J. Reilly, spent twenty-five years in the insurance business before changing career paths to enter the promotional products industry.

During those twenty-five years David worked with thousands of businesses, insurance companies, and individuals.  Early in his career he began to work client branding and logos into his communication pieces.  This provided a value added service and earned him business.  Realizing the power of promoting the client, David soon moved to providing branded gifts to recognize client achievements or sometimes to simply say thanks for the business.

Insurance companies, large and small, employ a similar approach.  They reward clients with giveaways marketing the insurance brand.  They bring items to sales calls.  They mail gifts to policy holders.  They stack tables for passersby at fairs and expos.  People love something free and the insurance companies understand this.  They do A LOT of product marketing.  Because it works.  91% of people have at least one promotional item in their kitchen.  82.6% of people recall the company name and brand on their promotional product.   Knowing this David learned to build co-op campaigns to leverage his own marketing with that of the insurance plans he represented.  Always a win win!

Fast forward: Having decided to conclude a successful insurance career David moved to employ his expertise with branding and promotion (to and through the large and small) and established Diamond Promotional Products.     

Today Diamond Promotional Products offers a full range of customizable items and programs to meet the needs of any customer.  From business needs to personal needs, Diamond has access to thousands of products at some of the lowest costs available. 

Whether you know what you’re looking for or could use some ideas, we are here to help.  To get you started we offer our free product search on these pages for your convenience.  For additional assistance or for a more detailed, no cost proposal please contact us.  We look forward to working with you.

Your Brand.  Our Products.  It’s Brilliant!